Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Me Too

I'm with you, Nene!

Breakfast: Cara Cara orange, blueberry green tea
Snack: several handfuls of Early Bird granola, Aloha Recipe. This granola is made by my former manager at franny's and while a bit pricey it is damn good, made with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and toasted coconut, among other ingredients. The Aloha Recipe features macadamia nuts and dried mango.
Lunch: Some homemade vegetarian chili from a Food and Wine recipe. Carrots, peppers, kidney beans, hominy, parsnips, onions, garlic, chili, cumin. Absolutely delicious, especially topped with sour cream and cilantro. I ran out of the brown rice I've been eating it with for the past few days.
Dinner: Will be enjoyed (I hope) at BondSt, for restaurant week. Menu found here, report to come.


Nene said...

Yay!!! So excited to see you here :) The granola and chili both sound so gooooood ... hope you make it to bond st. and look forward to hearing about it!

Anonymous said...

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